Access Rights - XP on 2000 SRV Net



Have several XP PRO clients running on 2000 Server network. Users on XP Client can no longer run .EXE in a shared folder on server.
1. Partition is FAT32
2. Share permissions set to "Everyone", "Full".
3. User set to Domain User, and Users(server side), User not set to Administrator (client side)

If I add Domain Admin to user(server side) everything works, or log in as Admin it works. Any ideas what is locking me up on this or how I would clear this. I even recreated users and have recreated share with no change.
file system?

The only thing that stands out, to me, is that you are using the FAT32 FS on the server, but you are playing with permissions for Domain users and groups. Those permissions depend on NTFS to work properly. I would suggest using that as a starting point in terms of isolating the problem. For one thing "execute", the specific permission you are dealing with, is an NTFS feature.

You could convert the file system to NTFS without any loss of data.

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