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access point possible?

I have an hpna router all set up in my house with 3 computers in different rooms using the phone line for network access. I just ordered a centrino notebook and would like to attach it to this network using the wireless connection on the laptop. Now, my question is: could I have the access point coming out of one of the computers on the network (using an additional ethernet card)? thanks for the helpp all.
You can share the dial up connection that way just using Win XP built in ICS function. But I think you'd need additional software to make a gateway between the two networks to talk computer to computer. Install the software on the computer with the 2 network cards. Note the second ethernet card has to be a wireless card compatible with whatever the notebook uses.

I'll go dig out the names of the gateway software I've got it around here somewhere...

The alternative would be a wireless hub that connects to the existing network. It may get interesting finding something like that at a reasonable price for hPNA.
OK, now I'm mad. Can't find the name of the products. There were 3 of them that ZDnet reviewed, but it was like 4 years ago. No hits on ZDnet, google or yahoo.

I'm beginning to wonder if windows XP killed them off.
wll, on my desktop, I have the 1st net card connected to the only plug in the router (cat5). I now have a second ethernet card running out of this desktop running to my older laptop. I want to basically switch the second ethernet connection coming out of the desktop and make it wireless.
In that case all you need to do is replace the 2nd ethernet card with a wireless version compatible with the new laptop's wireless network card. (Note they are a lot more expensive than wired. $60-80 instead of $10-15.)

Windows won't know the difference between wireless and wired it's just another network port.

Check out Compaq's website they should tell you how to do it on there somewhere. Then once you know what ot do go find a cheaper wireless card somewhere else for the desktop. ;)

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