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Access Poing to Access Point Networking



I don't really know if this is possible, but I need some information if it is. Here's my situation:

I recently purchased two D-Link DWL-1000 Access Points to try to get two different areas in my house networked. Downstairs I have three systems hooked into a switch, along with one access point, as one network. And upstairs I've got four systems hooked to a switch, along with an access point. These are WIRED networks.

But when I bought the access points, I was under the impression that I could use them to wirelessly connect the two networks, but I have no idea how. I CAN get the two access points to recongize each other, but I can't ping or do anything. Has anyone out there tried to do this kind of networking, and if so, can you show me some information on how to do it? Any and all help is GREATLY appreciated.

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