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Access Denied

on some of my mp3s i try to play the file but it tells me that access is denied. i am one of the administrators on the computer. my brother is the other. i made no changes to the permisions of the file nor did he cause i dont think you can do this in xp home. he can play all the songs but i can only play a few songs. thanks in advance.
Possible problems:

1). Your bro saved them under his account into a directory he "owns" and they have his file permissions only. Have him try sharing out one that you can't access. Stuff can be loaded as "this user", "a group of users", or "all users".

2). Micro$haft has been really pushing their digital media rights features and adding more and more restrictions with each new upgrade of their multimedia products. I now avoid anything new in media player, .net framework stuff and for that matter any other upgrades where I don't know exactly what they do. The Windows digfital rights manager may have decided that only your brothers account has access to these "copy righted MP3's". There is no way around this aside from "buying two copies of your music????" or trying to remove any new media player updates. Watch out for this kind of restriction in the non-microsoft player also. They will inevitably be installed to keep the software companies from being sued by the RIAA and MPA.
i cant seem to find any directory that the songs might have been saved to. it started after he installed music match for his ipod. its only on some of the songs not all. and i asked him if he did anything that special to them and he said no.i tryed to restore the computer to before he installed anything but its un-succesful.

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