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access denied


Mr. Sushi

one day i stupidly hit "share c-drive." it took so long that i just hit cancel. now my norton anti-virus is messed up and says it doesnt have access to my c-drive anymore


The One and Only
Sushi, if it wasn't too long ago, i'd say try going with the system restore to return the computer to back before you accidentally kliked it. When you canceled the process, it may have messed up some of the files needed by norton. that's just a guess, but restore is probably your best bet. Plus, it may take lots less time to do than letting it go through and share the drive.

Mr. Sushi

it was like last week so i dont know. i dont think system restore is viable anymore as i would lose a ton of files i gained in the few days.


would you be able to reinstall norton again? If so, unshare, uninstall norton, then just reinstall it. I'd also check your services to see if the system account permissions didn't get hosed up somehow.

Mr. Sushi

i tried to reinstall norton and it still didnt work. i think i might have to share the whole HDD. that migiht take a year...


i would try system restore. i don't recall system restore deleting newly acquired files as it doesn't keep images of your entire drive, just the system settings. so i think your new files would still be safe, but nonetheless, back them up first. as for system restore being able to get systems from a week ago, i think that's very possible too.
Nippaz, it doesn't have to keep an image of the drive. there is also the part with "Date Modified" in the file properties. Think about it. If new files/changes to old files were not lost, exactly what would be restored to a previous date.

Mr. Sushi

i think my dad said system restore didnt work. i'll have to talk to him about it again. if it turns out it doesnt then what should i do?

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