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Access Denied Problem, please help :)

Hi Guys,

I've got a bit of a problem I hope you can help me fix, I have built a new machine which all works, new everything including hard disk as my exsisting one sounded ropey!

I have installed my old drive as a secondary disk which I can access via windows explorer but when I try to go into D:\Documents and Settings\Skunk141 it says it can not open the folder, access denied, when I go to the properties of the folder it says it's 0 Bytes!?

I can access most other things on the drive including Program Files but the things I need are in the Skunk141 folder, My Documents etc etc...

I have put the hard disk back in the old machine and the files are all still there but the motherboard and processor seem severely broken as the machine freezes, restarts and blue screens randomly stopping me getting the files off, i really can't understand this one, any one got any ideas.

Many thanks for reading, awaiting your professional advice :)

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