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29 Aug 2002
In my continuing volunteer work I am approaching an Access 2000 application developed by someone else for a recycling project. It's pretty simple stuff with tables for the properties and the collections from them. I have taken the database offsite as a two .mdb files to work on - one seems to contain the data and the other the forms, reports etc.

The primary form has buttons that trigger input, queries and reports. Everything is as required, except the two reports which are kind of useless giving either too little or too much information - they need one different report (this is what I need to do).

I have no doubt i can do this as a standalone separate report, but ideally I would rather adapt the existing ones. I've dug around a bit and worked out that to do so I do not have the fields available to me, so need to change the recordsource or somesuch. On site I seemed to be able to find and obscure place in the VB code to do this, but offsite I do not seem able to find this. I am wondering if in taking the .mdb files I have all that was at the disposal of the original development consultant, or if an access app has other "source" that I simply do not have and if I am banging my head against a brick wall - anyone have any ideas?

The problem with my simply offering them a standalone report is that I think it will only run against the whole db, rather then the selection criteria that can be specified on the form. Perhaps I can make another form to trigger the new report, but that is far less elegant than adapting the existing app.

Could anyone give me any advice or pointers? Much thanks if you are able to (and rep no doubt!)
well I have resolved this myself now (finaly got around to locking myself to the computer until I did it)....

Everything was there in the .mdb file... the place I had found the recordsource for the report and then forgot about was to look at the peoperties for the report and then the data tab, where you can edit it to change the available field list for reporting. I ended up adding another form button for the new report to keep everything there as was - so hopefully the users will be happy with my work.

Just made this post to round off the query - and for the joys of talking to myself... which I do far too much of these days!

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