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about to dual boot Unbuntu+Win MCE

just 2 questions.

Q1: I already have MCE installed, but have heard that wipe'n and installing Unbuntu first is easier, and you can use the Linux OS Selector instead of modifying the Windows one.

Q2: I have a few backup partitions that came with the purcahse of my Dell Laptop. I know 1 of them is MediaDirect (which has been pretty useless), and the other is just a backup of the default OS settings. I can only have 4 Partitions per HDD (obviously), Is a wipe just all around easier?

Anyone have any other solutions? Or should i stick to the "Wipe, install Unbuntu and then install Win MCE? Will I have any problems? (besides obvious Unbuntu / hardware compatibility)

..first-time linux dual booter
Actually, the easiest way to go about it, in general, is to always install Linux after Windows.
Since you have MCE already installed, you can just install Ubuntu on its own partition, and GRUB, the default bootloader, will automatically detect your MCE setup and add it to the boot menu.

I'm not quite sure I understand your second question though. In order to dual-boot between Windows and Linux, you simply need two partitions if you have a single drive, one for each OS. If you need to non-destructively resize your Windows partition to make space for a new Linux partition, you can use Partition Magic or some other similar tool to do that.
where to i put the swap file? can i put it in the Linux partition?

Q2 is about the max number of partitions on a hdd, 4. i cant make another partition for the swap. is that ok?
hmm, so according to that.. i need to just not use linux. :) wtf is going on! i dont understand any of this. maybe i'll find a nice eBook to read. Linux for Lamers.

thanks for your help. I did bookmark it so once I understand it more, I'll do it. I just want to make sure I understand what I'm doing. I can follow the directions, but I'd rather learn while I do it.



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I don't know about Ubuntu but Suse will walk you through the installation on a windows rig. Ubuntu should do the same and you should be able to create the swap partition during installation.
i dont know my root password. :(

nevermind, i figured out how to change it. also, I'm loving "Konsole" it's so much easier than Ctrl Alt F6 and F7.

wow, i feel like i was such a noob when i posted this. now i'm using Unbuntu 75% of the time. I only switch to MCE when I'm at school - and its only for other people to use it, else i'd be Linux 100%.
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