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about the latest RTCW patch

anybody know where i can get a no cd patch for the latest patch on wolfenstein?
and this is not a crack related question since no cd patches are fully legal as long you own the game..which i do.


I'm sorry Hal...
Political User
you need a no cd crack? mine doesn't me and several of my friends have, fully paid for retail bought in shops not downloaded or copied, and they work fine when you run them without the cd, no cracks installed.
Or do you need the cd for MP cause I havn't tried it yet?


I'm sorry Hal...
Political User
"He said "huh?""

I bought the game from EB, took it home installed it - played it, took the cd out played it again end of, nuff said


I have NOT had a problem playing without the CD in the drive. BUT I HAVE NOT tried doing this with the latest 1.31 patch. Is this what your saying....that the latest patch doesn't allow this anymore!?
I'll have to try it tonite!
hmm,just tried it without the cd, and it works..jesus, i feel dumb now..LOL..well, thats what u get for not trying things out before u ask...:D

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