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? about activation



im thinking about buying a copy of xp, and want to install it on my pc, then, around jan or so, id like to upgrade to a new pc, would i be able to put the xp copy onto the new pc (it would not be on the old pc)

how would i do this, call MS and let them know or what?


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if you want to put XP onto a new system, you GOT to format your old system (meaning "bye bye" to XP on that system) then you could install XP onto your new system..

if you get errors about it alreadly being used, then you well have to call Microsoft and ask them about it... but you got to format your old system before that key is usable again.


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really?? cuz all I know is that if you try installing windows xp onto another computer with the same cd key it won't let you, only lets you use it untell 30 (or something) days before you have to

A) Uninstall (or format) the one on your other computer
B) Uninstall (or format) the one on the new one (the one what that annoying "please active windows")
C) Order a new CD key to get a new activetion code

or you could always go with warez (which is a big no no)


Your activation is active in their databases for 6 months. Anytime after that, you can re-activate through the web activation.

But if you decide to install on another computer in the time inbetween... all it takes is a phone call to MS when your activating by phone. It'll forward you to an actual operator who will then give you a working activation code.

They'll ask you why you need to activate again and just tell them you upgraded and they don't ask you anymore =)

mmm... The girl on the other line was actually quite nice. Asked me why... (my computer totally died...)... she sympathised and gave me a working code... YAY!!! =)


Maybe some day I'll fork out $200 for WinXP Pro. Then maybe another $1000 for the other five computers in my house.

yeah right..

(I'm talking AUS dollers here. Which is basicly twice the amount of US dollers.)


or u could just use Win2K... or get WinXP Home.. (btw... where can u get winxp pro for $200???)

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