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Abit NF7-S2 and AMD Barton 2600+

i'm building a computer for my niece - nothing fancy, but something that will play some games, let her listen to music and watch dvds.

here are the parts i purchased:

abit nf7-s2
amd barton 333fsb 2600+ 1.9ghz
kingston 512mb ddr400 pc3200
enlight 420w psu
using onboard sound
gf fx 5700le 128mb
sony dvd-rom
wd 80gb 8mb cache hdd
thermaltake volcano hsf

the problem i'm having is getting the cpu to run at stock speed (1.9ghz).

i've tried loading optimized defaults (which sets the fsb to 166), but it crashed during post. i've tried changing the timings on the memory to anywhere between 8-3-3-3.0 and 11-4-4-3.0. i've tried upping the core cpu voltage from 1.5v (default) to 1.60v, with the fsb at either 133mhz or 166mhz, and it crashes during post.

anyone had experience with this combo? all i want to do is get the cpu running at stock speed! :cry:

thanks for any help.


Overclocked Like A Mother
Can you post on FAIL Safe Default Setting? If you start from there and only play with the FSB, not the ram timings. Make sure your multiplier is at 11.5 as well.

I see your using an aftermarket HSF, did you use the proper paste for it?

yup, i can post easily at fail-safe defaults. i've tried going into the bios and playing only with the fsb and not the timings. setting it to 133mhz causes it to crash! i should be able to get it to run out of the box at 166mhz fsb.

i used a thin layer of radioshack brand thermal paste on the cpu. i've checked the temps on the cpu and it's running anywhere between 88 F and 90 F - well below the threshold.

i'm at a loss. i wonder why it's so hard to get a cpu to run at stock speed out of the box?


Overclocked Like A Mother
Next question,

Is it a 2600+ Barton? There are three different 2600+ in the AMD lineup. But all three should run on 133. Would you consider putting the original HSF back on if the original thermal sticky is still intact? Is there cards the PCI slots that you can remove for now while testing? BIOS upgrade? Can you test the stick of RAM with another machine, or another stick of RAM on this one?

I have dealt with situation myself on a couple of occasions and have seen that the HSF were improperly positioned, upside down, or paste didn't cut it under pressure.

the cpu i purchased (amd barton 2600+ 333fsb athlon xp) is rated at 1.9ghz stock speed.

click here to see the cpu.

i've tested the ram and it's fine. hmmm, heeter, i wonder if you're right about the paste? i don't have another brand on hand to try atm.

i have no pci cards in any of the slots. i'm using onboard sound. the agp slot is taken up by a gf fx 5700le 128mb.

in addition, i've updated the bios and chipset drivers to the latest.

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