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ok i've just installed a Zalman CNPS7000A-Cu, switched the computer on and the motherboard alarm thing wont stop! it's very annoying, i've looked through the BIOS for anything unusual, checked all connections and it's still going! any ideas what the hell is making it do this? using athlon 64 3200+


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Sounds like you've connected the fan to the wrong connector on the motherboard.
Does the BIOS have any form of fan monitoring you can examine? If so, see if it is reporting a speed for the fan.You should see something for the cpu fan if it's on the correct plug.


the retarded one
yeah i'd already checked that kind of stuff, at first i thought it might not like the fan mate thing that comes with the sink/fan but i dunno (oh and it was on the right one, it says CPUFAN1 right next to it =))


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it'll do that :)

i had a zalman fan and it set off the alarm when first installed because the connector was running through the little dial toggle thinger to control fan speed :)

in my bios it basically lets me know that the mobo was not detecting the fan @ bootup and to continue or not... so long as you PHYSICALLY see the fan running its all good :)

it'll sort itself out in subsequent boots...

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