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Abit IC7-MAX3

i was looking at the abit IC7-MAX3 and like the idea of sata. only thing is that i don't want to run a RAID array. will those two SATA ports on the board allow me to just run standad 2 HDDs and 2 CD-ROMs? if not, i doubt i will use it. and to set up a RAID array, i would have to wipe all my data, right?


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you should be able to use your s-ata normally... ie non-raid..

and yes.. if you are setting up a striped array... you will have to install from scratch...


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Originally posted by Jz1397-4
can i put the CD-ROM drives on SATA?
only with a sata-parallel converter. even then, maybe not? might be limited to hd's. either way, it would be pointless and would be better off on the ide channels.

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