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a8v and windows sp2... where's the HD?


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This can be a bit testing... My SP2 will install then I'm told that It cannot see the HD... I tried both drivers from asus... Where do I find procedure?


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AMD 64 3500plus
9800 all in wonder Pro
Audigy2 zs
Twin 512's
330w ps


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as you may know I'ts working now, but time to reinstall. I have had problems in the past doing this and required help. Now I'm trying it by myself, I get so far where it says that it's installing then I get an error message that says I think it's line 82... I'll right it down when I try agin, but bassically my HD is invisible to the board. I think that I have the right drivers and I'm sure that I saved it properly... is that enough info?


Blame me for the RAZR's
You have a nice setup, VenomXT. Nice for gaming...
thankyou it is great for games just not my wallet.

ok so your having issues installing xp with Sp2?is it giving a error? is this a fresh install or is this a sp2 download patch you have and want to upgrade it to sp2. do you have the latest ndorce drives deom rthe asus website?


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I used the f6 function to initiate useing the driver from the floppy, then I was able to continue with the installation. This is where the stones lie in the path. all the drivers came directly from asus. Which are the promise driver and the via driver for xp... my board needs to see the hd, and these aren't working


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OK... I get to "setup is starting windows" "welcome to set up" hit enter to continue..."setup counld not find any hard disk installed"...? If those are not the drivers then where do I go?
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I'm not giving up on this... I downloaded from asus both drivers, saved them to the floppy along with "MakeDisk AFIE MFC Application and TXTSETUP.OEM" problem is they won't all fit to one disk... oh, I did them one at a time(along with what I mentioned here) so there should not be any confusion. How should I be making the floppy? I though that was easy... maybe I'm wrong, I admit experience is probably the key...lol
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