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A8N5X upgrade Questions

I'm about to upgrade my system and was hoping to get some info/advice on the some of the components I was planning on combining to see if there are any red flags I should be cautious of before I start buying.

I plan on getting:

Athlon64 3000+ Venice (is there a significant difference between the E6 and previous versions which are a bit cheaper?)
Asus a8n5x mobo
xfx geforce 7900gt

I have some components I'm planning on migrating over:

2x512 Geil Value 184-pin pc3200 (will this ram work with the new mobo and can I buy 2 more sticks to fill all 4 slots to get 2gb of ram without performance issues?)
Antec Sonata Case
Lito-on CDRW/dvd-rom
Asus 56x cdrom
Zalman 7000alcu hsf
SB audigy2 ZS
Enermax EG425P-VE SFMA 2.0 ATX12V 420w PSU

Here's the link to the ram in case more info might help figure things out.


I'm just worried that the ram might not play nice or something and I'll be stuck with incompatible components.


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