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A7N8X deluxe, ver 2 or not?


the retarded one
ok, i got one of these a while back, and a few days after i got it i heard about the second version of it. When i start my comp it says a7n8x2.0, i'm not sure if it is the 2nd version of the board or not, is there any other way to tell? i'm buying an amd 3000+ barton soon and as far as i know you need the 2nd version for bartons. if i don't need it that extra £90 will go on top of the other to get a better graphics card...


I experienced this as well and had a little trouble finding where it said the rev on the motherboard so in case you can't find it it's printed between the top two or three PCI slots I think.

Electronic Punk

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Also if you look at the mobo, it will have a sticker on the chip that says, *looks over* "ASUS 333MHz FSB Support"

Works great with the 3000+


the retarded one
i looked at my invoice and it says on it VER 2.0 in capital letters lol, oh well

p.s i like that sig EP, i have no idea what that creature is but it looks good (looks like something out of doom)

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