a7n8x audio question


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I am going to make a cable to come out of my mobo connectors into my surround system. Because I want to do this right the first time (dunno why, never bothered to do it right the first time before...), I want to know the wiring diagram for the centre/bass 3.5mm jack. I am fine with the other two (ring=right, shield=gnd ergo tip=left), but which is which for the centre.

Shld = Gnd (duh)

Ring = ???

Tip = ???

Any help will be appreciated. Also, what is S/PDIF??



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maybe get a single old comp speaker or something, cut the cord and strip the ends, and use it to test..?

just wondering, but does your receiver have coaxial digital (spdif) input? i'm sure your board has spdif out.


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dunno, never used it. it should be 5.1 or more, considering it's used by home theater receivers. but, again, i'm not sure.

definitely try it if both are capable. a digital connection would be best.


Way too much time here...
Hmmm, Coax is only two conductor. Oh well, Might have to get a cable for it and try.

Anyone know a wiring diagram for one. :p Hehehe. Nah, shopping time....



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two-conductor... cuz it's digital. all the info is transfered to the receiver digitally then it converts it to however-many channels of analog audio.

i don't suggest doing any splicing. you would probably degrade the digital signal to the point where it wouldn't work... not to mention there's no point in splicing it.


Way too much time here...
Thanks. I will see if it has a digital coax when I get home. (Not for 2 days yet :() I know it has component rca in and 9 pin digital in, but not sure on digital coax.


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