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A7n266-vm Mobo help !

Has anyone had issues with this mobo ? Recently fitted one of
these boards for a friend using onboard gfx and sound, WinMe
operating system. The problem is he installed 'Mafia' game
and it loads up plays for a short while, then system reboots for no reason what so ever, also have tried to load latest Nforce drivers but keep getting error and will not load.

Any help will greatly appreciated.


Is there any type of surge suppressor between the computer and the wall? Sometimes power spikes or sags can cause computers to reboot without warning. It may or may not be the problem but it's worth looking into. Do you have a Multi meter? I would test the AC power coming out of the wall as well as the DC power coming out of the power supply.


Hmmm... I re-read your question and decided that my answer is more than likely incorrect. I do offer this advice though, get rid of WinME!


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Post what the error is and maybe we can try to isolate your problem.

It could also be that the system is overheating... CPU, MoBo, or something else. And it is causing the system to reboot. Or a Driver problem... Video drivers maybe??? Memory problem??? Connections???
Mobo errors

I myself had used WinMe for well over a year with no problem at all, I'm now using XP, which incidently I tried to load
on friends computer but threw up errors saying 'unrecognized
drive' and cdrom ? This is why I put WinMe on instead, it loaded no problem and is running fine doing anything else other than
'Mafia Game', which lead me to believe it was the drivers.

The driver package is the NForce Unified Driver Package for ME.
it is drivers. if the motherboard was unstable the thing would always crach, and something might burn. i would suggest that you check all of your connections so that i sees the CD-ROM. make sure that the master and slave settings are correct. then set boot devices in the bios and load XP on that machine.


If possible, isolate the CD-Rom on it's own IDE channel. By default if you have the HDD and CD-Rom daisy chained on the same IDE controller they will share IRQ-14. This means that there could be conflict between your HDD and CD-Rom if they try to do things simoltaniously. By isolating the CD-Rom on the second IDE controller as a Master (assuming there is nothing on the secondary IDE controller) it will use IRQ-15 by default, leaving you with less of a chance of having a conflict.

Go into your CMOS settings and make sure that you have the CPU fan and CPU temperature on. This will inform you if your processor is getting too hot. There are third party tools to do this as well, and I suggest you use them.

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