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A7N266-C CPU Compatibility



Was thinking about upgrading the CPU one of my computers... the A7N266-C which currently has an AthlonXP 1700+

I'm wanting to get the AthlonXP 2500+ with Barton core, but I'm not sure if this board will support it. The board's official specs say it can handle up to AthlonXP 2600+, but said nothing about the 333Mhz FSB versions.

Has anybody tried this setup before? Will it not work at all, or does it downclock the FSB to 266Mhz?
The 266 means that it can only take a 266 speed fsb CPU. The CPU will (probably, i've seen other 266 mb work) run but it will be running 50% slower than it should. Speed= multiplier x FSB.

You'd have to get a regular Tbred-B (aka model 8) 2600. Which for some bizarre reason cost more than Bartons.

This whole creeping FSB upgarde on AMD chipsets has been really frustrating (and expensive) this last 15 months. I have a "333" MB but it only does 333 memory not FSB. And now the latest is 400 FSB memory and chipsets.

To get into the latest upgrades you need a MB that supports 400 mhz FSB and memory. The A7N8X-X and a Barton 2500 will set you back about $177+10 shipping. (essential computers)

Sorry for the bad news.


That's ok, I've been looking at various nForce2 mobos, and actually bought one at one point. It was the Abit NF7-S that came DOA :(

I've read mixed things about nForce2 boards, and am still kinda hesitant to try another, but it would more than likely be an ASUS if I did.

I haven't really had any problems out of the A7N266-C, so I wanted to see if I could get the biggest bang for the buck for just a CPU.


hardware monkey
your board won't support the barton processors. i don't think it would recognize the larger cache which might prevent it from booting entirely.

the 266fsb 2600+'s are expensive because there is a high demand for them and i don't think they're being made anymore. people who have 266 boards want to upgrade to the fastest processor they'll support and that ends up being the 266fsb 2600+.

as an alternative, you could upgrade to a 2400+ (2.0ghz) for about $75.
I used to have a A7N266 and upgraded to the A7N8X...never looked back. I love the new board. It is a VERY good upgrade, soooo much more flexibility specially when o/c'ing. I reccomend the nForce board 100%

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