A whole new(worse) problem......



Ok, I thought the halt screen was bad. I read that the 0x0000007E stop could be caused by a bad stick of RAM. Took the two oldest sticks out. When I tried to turn the computer back on, only one of the fans not connected to the motherboard spun slowly for a second and then everything stopped. I was thinking bad power supply so I swapped that out. I push the power button and get nothing. Two bad power supplies? Nope, both of them work perfectly in a different machine. Any ideas?? Please tell me I didn't just fry my computer... Thanks.



I had this exact same problem but it wasn't the ram that was the culprit... I crushed my athlon's core so nothing started.

It'd spin up the fans and then just power off.

Let's hope u didn't crush ur cpu core ;)


Well, I tried everything I can think of to do. Got nowhere. I think I cooked the mother board. Don't know how, but that's what everything seems to point to. I hadn't planned on updating my system until August or so but I don't have much of a choice now. Went ahead and ordered a P4-2.26 with the 533 bus, an ASUS P4T533-C, and a few sticks of PC1066 RDRAM. Been a while since I updated. I built my old system(now a boat anchor) 2 years ago. I would have been happy with it for another 3-4 months.

QUESTION: Is there any reason why I shouldn't try to boot the hard drive as is in the new machine? I do plan on formatting and reinstalling XP immediately but there are a handful of files I'd like to burn to a CD first. I'd be losing a lot of work if I didn't get at least a few of my projects off the drive. Thanks!



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I did that once in WinME... I upgraded my cpu, RAM, Video Card and Motherboard. It booted up in 640x480x16 and started on a long and painfull process of discovering new hardware. 45 minutes and 10 reboots later I was ready to go.

A less radical method is to use an empty HD, install XP on it, and then hook up your old HD as slave and copy the files....




Bah... u went with Hamster Inside =/

The Athlon's are just far superior chips. u stick a athlon with win2k and u got all ur office performance u want.

for 3d creation an athlon still beats a pentium.

RDRAM is far too expensive to buy large amounts of it. At least DDR is reasonably priced.

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