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A true football fan.


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A young man was watching football. He noticed an empty seat in front of him. It was a better seat than his. At half-time he went down to the empty seat. He asked the old man sitting next to the empty one is it ok if i sit here?
No problem, said the old man. It was my wife’s seat, but she’s dead. We’ve been to every home match together for 40 years, and always had these two seats.
A tear rolled down the old man’s cheek.
Don’t you have a friend, or someone from your family, who’d come with you? The young man asked, gently.
The old man wiped his eyes and said yes, but not today. They are all at my wife’s funeral.

- Lisa

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oohhh.. that reminds me of the football fan's dilema a few months back with his wedding... this was in the newspapers... apparently some guy had scheduled his wedding a saturday, but his favourite team were drawn to play some cup game or something on 'that' saturday, and he had the tickets for the game.
not sure how it turned out though. lol


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Some guys do ;)
That is like saying you have a say in how the house will be decorated...it is all a fantasy based on delusion.

If it is scheduled during games 6 of the WS or the Stanley Cup, where are you going to be?

Durn right, buddy!


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I'll be with the woman that I'm lucky to wake up with every day, right there at the altar.

Of course, the DVR will be spinning at home :p

Not to go OT too much, but we have a great relationship. I have had as much say in the wedding as she does, and same will go for the house :)


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People can say whatever they want really, I'm happy, I'm lucky, and it's going to stay that way :D


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