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A Team Working Multiplayer Game?? Any Ideas?


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Hello everyone,

Its my Birthday today (im 17 :D).. and one of my friends and i want to play an online game which consists of the two of us working together as a team. All im asking is what game would your recommend for this kind of game play? They can be new games as we both have relatively powerful cards to support todays games :)

So what would you suggest?

Thank you for your help and time :)

Alex :cool:


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you want to play co-op ? ie just the two of you playing ?

or do you want to join a server together and frag away ?


if the former I am unaware of any good pc games wth GOOD co-op implementation... though Halo on xbox is fabulous for it...

as for MP... battlefield is an excellent online MP game... Enemy Territory is excellent and completely free :) and there are a few others... I like the above 2 because of good dependence on different classes to complete objectives...

I would say counter-strike but I am so disillusioned by the ridiculous numbers of hackers that i don't care about the game anymore....


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battlefield 1942, get on a teamspeak server with your mates and your laughing. its a great game when you storm a public server with your clan.

oh yeh, if you want teamwork, find a good clan ;)


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Originally posted by Sazar
I am unaware of any good pc games wth GOOD co-op implementation... though Halo on xbox is fabulous for it...

Halo is amazing on X-box, would be great to play online :cool:


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UT2K3 is great for teamplay and mindless fragging. Some of the game types like bombing run and CTF are awesome as are the maps.

Rocket arena is also quite amusing (Q III based game) and I've got a real soft spot for RTCW online :)



Isn't anyone gonna congratulate this guy?!? :confused:

Congrats dude! :cool:

I don't know many co-op games, only one fun would be Serious Sam. Old school gameplay with modern graphics. Cool game, give it a try.
Thank you everyone for your replies :) and thank you .:Dutch-Dude:. for the congrats :cool: :)

Most of those games mentioned are games i like :D.. (how handy).. and i could possibly give them a try with my friend

What about more so games that dont consist of deathmatches? :confused:

Thanx for your help and time

Alex :cool:


Raven Shield also supports co-op for missions. Can be fun if you are able to talk to your friend directly (I don't know if you're in the same room or maybe using a headset). It's a realistic shooter, budget price at the moment (saw it yesterday for 20 Euro, about 25 Dollars).


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Actually, Command & Conquer: Renegade has been a "team" favorite of mine. Having a guy responsible for building/repairing buildings and vehicles while another goes out and wreaks havoc is kind of cool for me. Just a thought. I know that game caught a lot of flak because it wasn't like the traditional C&C games, so you can pick it up for pretty cheap I think.

Since everone else is suggesting first person shooters I thought I'd throw in a few strategy games with Co-op and teamplay :

Homeworld 2 (got some issues with Radeon Vid cards)
Empire Earth

The AI in these two games can be painfully tough. Good for team work.

And get yourselves a copy of ventrilo for your voice chat. One of you will need the server version also to set up the chat.

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