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A survey for gamers age 26-30 (Please participate everyone)


Masaki Ando

I am doing this for my science project. It is about surveys done on different age groups, about what kind of games they like. Gender makes no difference.
So please help me out and vote for your favourite category of games. (Applies to all PC/Mac/Console games)

I realized that this poll is very tightly packed together and I did not include several categories due to the message board restrictions, and I apologize for any inconvinences.

I would greatly appreciate any inputs on how to make this poll better.

There are more similiar polls coming but targeted at different age groups.

Also, since more samples are better, please recommend this post to anyone you know (with appropriate age group, of course).

Thank you very much for your help.


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Pose your question for all ages groups, please don't start 10 thread asking the same question but for different age groups.

Masaki Ando

I am really sorry to cause troubles to the moderators...by posting too many polls...If I knew that 5 polls was too much I wouldn't have done it.

Again, I express my apologies.

Nevertheless, I would like to say thank you to those who participated in this poll.


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Originally posted by GoNz0
I play MOHAA online, never played the single player... and this is me fastest FPS on record for the V2 level :D My FPS
heh I should try staring @ a blankish wall with few decals as well... :)

I might even top 500....
hey, what no survey for older peeps? :(

i'm 35 and i still love gaming! :D

btw, i voted for PC action games (half-life, quake, etc.), but i also like rpgs.

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