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A simple XP install huh???



Hi all,

After rebuilding my machine 3 times I have decided to ask for help. It would appear that I am having some kind of IDE bus problem. I have installed a full version of XP pro on my machine with the hope of using it to run Logic Audio. My first problem seems to be a much slower boot up speed than I have seen on other machines (similar setup). My second problem is that any audio (wav files) that I play which are on my C drive sound VERY jittery and jumpy though if I copy the same audio file onto my D drive (primary slave) and play it from there, it sounds fine. Apart from the XP udate drivers for my sound card (SB Live Platinum), XP found everything else that was needed. Indeed, the only PnP hardware that I have is the Graphics card and the sound card. There are no conflicts or IRQ issues either. I could really do with some help as I have run out of ideas.....



Win XP Pro
1 x 20 Gig 7200 Pri Master
1 x 40 Gig 7200 Pri Slave
512 Meg 100 RAM
AMD 1200 duron
ATI 128 pro
Sound Blaster live Platinum
as far as the first problem boot up speed >

get a copy of bootvis bootvis

as far as the sound card goes, go to creative labs and download their driver, don't use the windows update version, that should help that.

hope this helps :D



Thanks for the reply. Sorry I was unclear, the update for my sound card 'was' from Creative labs. They have a special update to use if you are running XP. Any other ideas?



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it could be your hard drive. mine displayed similar jitteryness just before it began to fail. that might be your problem.


Thats possible, but its only 3 months old and its a Maxtor, they don't go down that often....



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If it's a hdd related issue. Run scandisk

If somehow the files became jittery due to reinstallation constantly or some other problem. Try downloading a new mp3 file.

And see if the problem occurs in this new file. If so then it's something wrong with your existing files.

Creative claims that the drivers posted by the windows update feature is the same ones posted on their site. If you install the latest ones off their site or windows update it'd produce the same results. Note they will have different version numbers though.

But that's just what creative says. I've noticed everyone says that the update feature is bad. Microsoft evil. So of course creative is wrong and your all right so don't listen to me. ( This is sarcasm by the way )

This just goes for creative though. I'm not speaking for all products. Windows update doesn't always tell you of the most up to date drivers. A bug perhaps? I have two machines with an identical hardware piece, but it only notified the one computer of the update.

I noticed though that there are some bonus programs packaged with your creative software. This should give you more control over your sound device.

Creative sound cards are suggested that they be placed on the last ide slot due to heat or something.


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