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a silly question i know...but....

The monitor on my other machine here is an ancient AST ASTVision 7L 17" monitor. Over the past few days...I noticed at various times it just started making a strange noise...kinda of a "screaming" or high-pitched squeal. It does it on and off when I am booted to XP and does it the whole damn time when I am running X in Linux....I am guessing this noise is the final death throes of my monitor eh? Bout time I guess...I have had it for almost 6 years....just wondering if anyone else has experienced this and if there is a fix for it....



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I just saw this on an msn message board, and copied the reply, as the question was almost the same and sounded like you might like (well not really) to know...

sounds like the ht unit on the monitor may be begining to arc. (ht stands for high tensile) the ht unit is responsible for generating the very high voltages that the screen needs.you may be advised to see about getting a new monitor soon, as if it arc's to the wrong part inside it could fry your video card and in a worst case scenario it could even fry the whole machine... (there is about 14000 volts+ in the ht unit)



just a reminder kiddies (if you're going to try and fix your monitor yourself...)

monitors use a LOT of voltage, fixing your monitor yourself is a BAD idea, (unless you know what you're doing), do not simply unplug your monitor and think everything will be ok... BECAUSE IT WONT. Your monitor will retain much of that voltage, for a long while. You will need to ground it to remove said voltage. Please if you are going to insist on doing it yourself READ UP ON IT A LOT BEFORE YOU PROCEED.

A teacher of mine in one of my Hardware classes at school was telling me about a student a few years ago who tried to fix his monitor... got a pretty nice shock, but also got very lucky. He only lost the use of his arm for a few days, couldn't move it at all, he was lucky cause there is enough eletricity to stop your heart.
I've got an old sucky monitor too (a 14" KTX but it was free and it's not too bad) and I get that squealing once in a while too... it was worse when all I had was a 4mb onboard video card and turned the refresh rate up (that's what makes mine squeal... the refresh rate) but with my Radeon 8500LE i run it at 75Hz and it doesn't squeal... so i think it's something to do with your video card and the monitor not liking the refresh rate

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Capacitors nasty little fellows they are

hey when you get your new monitor remove the capacitor then connect it to the mains but connect it the wrong way make a switch and stand back preferably behind a wall then switch on you ll have fun probably at the expense of your own life:D :D :D


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Yeah, monitors do tend to bite. I opened one up that hadn't worked for about a week when I was 12. Eventually I touched metal and got thrown back a couple of metres. Won't be doing that again.

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