A "safe" browser? No longer in the lexicon...

A good read: http://news.com.com/A+safe+browser+...3-5777036.html?part=rss&tag=5777036&subj=news

"There is no silver bullet, no such thing as 100 percent secure. Security requires a balance between functionality and cost, and relies on concepts of trust and risk tolerance."

Art Manion is an Internet security analyst at US-CERT, a public-private partnership that focuses on protecting against cyberattacks under the auspices of the Department of Homeland Security.


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what a gimp

and lame advice..... whats new?
"keep your browser updated... dont enter sensitive info..."

You'd be surprised at how many people don't actually follow the advise in the article.
The main point being made though is that complacency is a dangerous thing - no browser or platform is inherently completely secure. Previously unknown vulnerabilities can be exploited at any time. Excercising caution and discretion while on the web is the only way to stay safe.


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_kC_ said:
what a gimp

and lame advice..... whats new?
"keep your browser updated... dont enter sensitive info..."

While you are entitled to your opinion, I think you are missing the point. Obviously, at first read, this article seems that it is just the run-of-the-mill tips for web browsing. Yes, mostly it is. But, I think it more supports the theory that FireFox is not the solution to 100% safe browsing.

I work at a University, where Spyware is a big a problem as ever. It makes me sick that people who are tired of dealing with it, tell people just to run FireFox. Sure, I will admit, to a level that this will help, but it is NOT the entire solution. You DO need to exercise proper web etiqutte (sp?), and I believe that goes with whatever browser you use.

I want to avoid the "which browser is better" debate, because it shouldn't come down to that. It should come down to using the web safely on your own, and then deciding which web browser you think suits your needs and functionalities best.

Another thing to look at, if FireFox had been around as long as IE, I am sure there would have been just as many problems. The reason why IE is so exploited, is because for a long time, it was (and still is, just not as much), the dominant browser. If you were a haxor or a virii creator, you would want to attack a platform that was most widely used. I believe the article thrives on this theory to some extent, more teaching safe computing than safe software browsing.

Sorry to ramble, just wanted to chip in my .02

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