A Round Computer Tower?

Hello Everyone,

Im starting to get bored of my current tower (just a basic standup tower).. and so i was wondering if there is any chance of getting a round tower/dome tower which would sit on my desktop? Can anyone find one anywhere inwhich i could buy one? Im not skilled at modding or anything unfortunatly :( so i cant make one at all

Ive been looking around some places and i cant find any dome/round cases :( Can anyone help me out please?

I would appreciate all your help and time, thank you :)

Alex :)


Gojyone kawaiiiiiiii!
It would have to be a really big circular tower to fit a standard mobo...ventilation would be tricky...would be easier to cut out a round metal sphere and place it over a standard frame.

Perris Calderon

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leather would look cooler then metal

"yup...I have a leather computer"


"yup...I have a metal computer"

even sounds cooler then metal
Apparently, about 2 years ago PCWorld did infact sell some round/dome towers.. i didnt see them as i didnt go into pcworld that often then but apparently they did and then they all sold out :(.. wish i got to see one

anyone had any luck finding one at all?

I saw a modded pc of a UFO somewhere around the net the last time i thought about getting a dome pc (i didnt think to ask the great forum) which looked pretty neat, ill try and scoop it out again if i can find it :).. it was a dome with some wicked lighing making it look like it was hovering

Alex :cool:


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perris said:
leather would look cooler then metal

"yup...I have a leather computer"


"yup...I have a metal computer"

even sounds cooler then metal
cases dissipate heat as well therefore metal serves its purpose... if its a showoff case go ahead..

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