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a question....

I am hoping one of you guys might be able to help me out here. OK...I went to DSLReports to the D-Link forum and followed their tutorial for setting up DCC Send on mIRC from behind the router. I typically run 3 instances of mIRC at any given time when I am online. On the mIRC client I have attached to AustNet...I have it set to use DCC Ports 2070-2075. On the router...I have it forwarding that range of ports to this computer on my private network and it works fine. I can send and receive with no problemo. On the mIRC client I have attached to EfNet...I have it set to use DCC Ports 2076-2080 and forwarded the corresponding ports to this machine as well. On the mIRC client I have attached to IrcNet...I have it set to use DCC Ports 2081-2085 and forward those ports in the router to this machine. Problem is...I can DCC get on the Efnet and IrcNet clients...but I cannot DCC Send....anyone have any idea what I am doing wrong here?


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Upgrade to mIRC 6, which as multi server capability within the same instance of a client. You only need to run one client, and have one set of ports for DCC that work for all servers connected.


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