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A question regarding MSN messenger



Hi Guys...
I have a quick question regarding MSN messenger version 4.7 . I would like to know if there is any way to block the big grey box messages from popping up. Not the regular IM box, of course thats ok, but every once in a while a big grey box advertising debt consolidation, p*nis enlargement, or some other silly crap pops up on my screen. Is this an option that I can disable? Thanks for the help.


I found the answer.

Windows Messenger Spam and What to Do About It

"net send" Messenger Service
The "net send" Messenger service can be used by unauthorized users of your computer, without gaining any kind of privileged access, to cause a pop-up window to appear on your computer. Lately, this feature has been used by unsolicited commercial advertisers to inform many users about a "university diploma service"

To disable the "net send" Messenger service on Windows XP, follow these steps:

Go to the Start menu in the lower left corner of your screen. Select Programs: Administrative Tools: Services. A Services window will appear.
Select the Messenger service in the right-hand list of local services by double-clicking on it. A Messenger Properties window will appear.
In the General tab, set the Messenger service's Start Type to Disabled using the pull-down list of Start Types.
Also in the General tab, click the Stop button in the Service Status section. Your computer will stop the service if it is currently running.
Click OK. The Messenger Properties window will disappear.
Click the File: Exit tab in the Services window, and it will disappear.


OSNN Addict
good job of doing some research there, master. Now some (hopefully) helpful information for you. The messenger service that you are rightfully disabling is not Messenger 4.7. They are two different animals, having nothing to do with each other except that 1) they are both Microsoft, and 2) they are both named Messenger (?!?). I won't go into all the boring details of why, but you should still be able to play with instant messaging with the messenger service turned off


Gus K

NTFS abuser
Hey Masterfoo,

You got a little too snippy, way too fast, with TKC. His advice, although sparse, was right on the money. Messenger service has nothing to do with Messenger the IM program. This has been covered many times, that's why this forum has a 'search' function.
I know that I have answered this question atleast 5 times... FYI - DO A SEARCH BEFORE YOU ASK SOMETHING. Chances are that someone had the issue already


Hi again,
I'm sorry I did not search for the answer to my question first. I am new to the NTFS forum (2nd post) and to forums in general. Although it makes perfect sence, I had no idea that you could search through the old posts. Next time I will do that first. As for the fix that I posted last night answering my own question, ( I just figured I would post it in case someone else had the same question) everything seems to work great. NO MORE POP UP'S!!! YEAH!!!! :)

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