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how safe is it to write to windows shares from linux using samba and how safe is it writing to linux shares from windows, i ask this as i need to make use of a spare pc i have and it will be a mixed enviroment, and i dont want to go losing/corrupting things.


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It is perfectly safe. When you are moving files across the network the host machine makes the read/writes.


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If you want 100% compatibility make a seperate share partition and format it as FAT32. Linux seems to be handling NTFS very well there days but FAT32 is still the recommended interface between the two.

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i dont have any soace left on the linux pc to make a fat32 partition, but if j79zlr advises that its safe i will let samba and windows do it, and yes they are shared folders on a network


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Samba is a layer of abstraction above the file system so the underlying share servers file system doesnt matter.

Keep in mind you can have some issues between what information is sent to the share and what can come back, usually in the form of file metadata. As an example I can't run one of my Mac backup apps over SMB because it doesn't transmit the file creation dates back or something like that. Thats more likely to be an issue with the SMB implementation on one or other side of the connection though so your mileage may vary with respect to this.

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mainly going to be txt files mp3 and vid files being moved between the shares, suppose i could do a few tests and see whats what


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if that is all that is going to be transmitted you should be ok, like Geffy said though you might lose some metadata.


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Samba works very well in Linux environments. In fact, from my own personal experience, Samba shares seem to work better than regular Windows shares.

Also, reading and writing to NTFS on Linux seems to be very painless now. My Ubuntu Gutsy install reads/writes to the other NTFS drives in my system with no issues.

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