A Problem no one can help me with....?

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Hackbridge, Mar 1, 2003.

  1. Hackbridge

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    I have tried a few forums with this problem, but sadly no one has been able to assist me. I am hopeful though.

    My PC is runs Home Edition XP, 800 Mhz 40 Gb Hdd, MS-6378 Motherboard, 128 Ram, can't remember any more - D'oh. Here is the info that Belarc gave me ( if it's confusing, it's because the info is in two sections and I c&p them ):

    Operating System System Model
    Windows XP Home Edition Service Pack 1 (build 2600) MICRO-STAR INTERNATIONAL CO., LTD MS-6378
    Processor a Main Circuit Board b
    800 megahertz AMD Duron Board: MICRO-STAR INTERNATIONAL CO., LTD MS-6378(VT8361)
    Bus Clock: 100 megahertz
    BIOS: Award Software International, Inc. 6.00 PG 11/13/2001
    Drives Memory Modules c,d
    40.01 Gigabytes Usable Hard Drive Capacity
    28.17 Gigabytes Hard Drive Free Space

    CD-ROM Drive/F5E
    3.5" format removeable media [Floppy drive]

    ST340810A [Hard drive] (40.02 GB) -- drive 0 120 Megabytes Installed Memory
    Local Drive Volumes

    c: (on drive 0) 37.29 GB 26.41 GB free
    d: (on drive 0) 2.71 GB 1.76 GB free

    When I login through the welcome page (after entering the password, because of my children ) I get to the desktop and it loads a couple of startup programs ( like Ad aware ) but after a few seconds the PC shuts down and I find myself back at the Welcome page.

    What could cause that to happen - It's a complete mystery to me and would really appreciate help. It's more irksome than anything else. After I login again it's okay.

    Thanks for looking at this post - All help appreciated.

  2. j79zlr

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    There have been issues with AdAware's AdWatch causing restarts
  3. gmagnuson

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    Have you started you computer in safe mode? Does that make a difference?
  4. gmagnuson

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    One other thing, go Start, Run. and type msconfig go to slective startup and un select everything and reboot if everything works ok, Enable a few programs at a time until you find the one that is causing the problem
  5. LeeJend

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    Yeah the adaware thing.

    But in general. Turn off, or better, yet uninstall the programs that load after window comes up. If everything is stable after that start adding the programs back in one at a time. Wait afew days. If still stable add the next. When the crashes come back you've found the guilty party.

    If removing the extra programs doesn't work it could be flaky ram or a flaky power supply. But if the system works fine after the second restart its unlikely.
  6. Hipster Doofus

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    Also go here>
    Right click my computer/properties/advanced/startup & recovery/settings. Untick automatic restart. Now you should get an error which you can post here.
  7. Perris Calderon

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    Hackbridge, welcome to our board

    more then likely it's the adwatch that's been mentioned already.

    first, make sure you have the latest build of the program, as I think they've addresed the issue...latest build is 162

    then, take adwatch OUT if the start up folder...

    if you'de like to make sure adwatch is always running when you're on the internet, then download


    this program recognizes whenever you're on line, and it will launch whatever programs you want...it'll also close the programs you want to close when you're no longer on line...one of my must have programs by the way

    now if that doesn't work, do what hipster said, as well as the other people that are trying to help you...they all seem to be right on target... we'll try to sort it out.
  8. gmagnuson

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    Dealer, Question about that program, I have DSL how does it work with DSL can I set a specific time or 1 click and it opens 5 different windows with different addresses? Thanks
  9. Perris Calderon

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    new york
    worls on any connection

    yes, you can and should tell it how long to wait for it to open each program

    I have mine opened seconds apart