A picture I made, please take a look

Nick M

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You haven't missed anything; I did attempt to create something of the matter; and am actually working on it right now.

It's taking a while though...


Looks really great!!...Could be used as Wallpaper...
Kind of WTC in it .. in a way...dark..B&W..and in all the misery..hate and sadness..there is love...

Great job!!:)


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Very good. It's kinda got a look a bit like the titles of 'Seven' - creepy and gritty.

The out of focus 'thing' in the bottom right is good - looks like barbed wire - what is it???


P.S. I see we're sharing a pic's server - I wonder how much trade imagemagician.com has gotten off xsiv'? :)

Nick M

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I'm on adrenaline and coffe; thanks :p

" The out of focus 'thing' in the bottom right is good - looks like barbed wire - what is it??? "

The thing in the bottom right; is a sryinge with content label; that says " love " the thing in the bottom left however;

is three or so little starts; on top of a lot of overlapping circle things;that kind of resemble cigarette burns into paper to me; and there is a saying beneath that all; you can see some of it; saying Love or Dead.

BTW for all your interest; this was the first thing I did in Photoshop; like ever, and the original post is somewhat old.


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Yeah I see the syinge now looks like an old one! That star in the middle at the bottom looks like the chocolate 'Magic Stars' my daughter loves!!


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