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A NAV question ?

Howling Wolf

We did not deserve this !
Could anyone tell what are the differences between Norton AntiVirus 2002 and NAV Corporate Edition 7.6 (apart from its ability to manage an entire network) ?
Is NAV CE better at fighting against viruses than NAV 2002 ?

Ps.: not to mention that I use and like better Kaspersky' Antiviral ToolKit Pro 3.5.x at home.


I think that NAV 2002 is the only one which will work with XP - but i might b wrong!!
NAV corporate is just what it says it is...a edition to be run on many computers that can also be controlled from a central point.

they both have the same protection engine and one does not fight viruses better then the other.

hope this clears it up :)


Another differrence

I believe the corporate edition's virus def. subscription dosen't expirer - unlike the regular version which lasts only 1 yr. (unless...)


They all expire, but with corporate versions, a lot of time the updates come from your central location, or Symantec leaves it up to the IS department to keep up with their licensing (which any responsible business does).

Howling Wolf

We did not deserve this !
Thank you everyone !
That's true, I noticed that nowhere is mentionned a time limit for free updates... what does this mean ?

Lactic.Acid, I didn't catch what you meant ? Would you please be clearer ?


the NAV corporate edition clients' subscription don't expire cuz they dont have a subscription. Unlike the regular NAV, the ce updates from the administration/control point and the control point is what goes on the internet to update the virus definition files.


Universal Translator
Originally posted by silent_bob
I think that NAV 2002 is the only one which will work with XP - but i might b wrong!!
i am running NAV 2000 CE. my school bought it and distributes to people who have computers connected to the campus LAN. do you know if that version works with XP? i can do virus scans, but i can't for the life of me get it to do liveupdate. it always says, "please make sure you are connected to the internet..."
(well -- DUH!!) my internet connection is working fine, i dont have any problems with AIM, IE, IRC, ICQ, and online gaming.


Howling Wolf

We did not deserve this !
NAV CE works fine for me with Internet through LAN.
NAV CE (on SERVER) is supposed, if well configured, to install NAV client on each station that connects to LAN and update each and everyone as soon as it (the SERVER) is updated.
So far, it works this way here at work and I find it quite useful, the virus threat is controlled entirely by the Server.

But I'm still using Kaspersky's AntiViral Toolkit Pro 3.5.x at home, as I find it more powerful than Norton's !

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