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a major problem in windowsXP pro. several symptoms


OSNN Junior Addict
I have a major pain in the azz problem that i need help with.

The problem has several symptoms. ill just name them and then se if anyone of you se any connection between them! The problem reveals itself at random, atleast it seams like random.

this is what happens when the problem occurs
-taskmanager won't open. I get an icon in the right corner but nothing else
-openoffice won't start
-winrar won't open. it can unrar it though
-I cannot install any program. It stops when it wants to add stuff to the program menu
-I cannot list the contents of the computer. (for example if i wan't to ad an song in winamp and press the bar to se the contents of my computer(harddrives, cdroms, my documents and the network) then the program crashes and i have to close it)
-I have also had some problems with rundll32.dll when this problem occurs but i cannot remember much detail about it...

I have just formated the computer and the problem arrived shortly after it was completed...

Any help appriciated /Bastupungen


GoNz0 said:
sounds like the virus has returned. did you not get chance to install a decent anti virus ?
Do you think the virii data is contained within something you reinstalled?


OSNN Junior Addict
hmm.. but that is strange. I have had the anti-virus program AVG anti virus installed since day one and that program haven't complained abit... maybe that program sucks ****... any free online virus scanning program out there??
and also.. if it would be a virus then shouldn't the problem be constant. Now it can appears after one min or after one day(its not there after an reboot)


OSNN Junior Addict
Ok... hmm... i did this test:
seams serious enough...

It only found the worm NACHI.B..
I tried to follow these steps to remove it:
but that really didn't work very well.. none of the steps worked... could this virus really be the cause of the problem. It didn't mention any of the symptoms that i have in the description...


OSNN Junior Addict
Nope that didn't do it.. i still get the wierd problems described above...

But, i don't think that symantecs product removed the virus. the program said it did and removed several files and services but i quickly ran it again a while ago and then it found it again.. it says it is a worm (W32.Welchia.Worm) do i have to get an fix for it from microsoft or something?

Howling Wolf

We did not deserve this !
To begin with, do you have the slightest idea how this virus landed on your HDD ?
You told you formated and installed Windows again, apart from Windows itself and drivers (hem... drivers all come from well known sites or manufacturers' cd's ?), what softwares did you installed next ? Are they all trustworthy ones ? Maybe should you scan them before install...
Let us know ;)


OSNN Junior Addict
all the software i installed i got from my other harddrive. I have scanned that HDD with the site i mentioned before (housecall.antivirus.com/housecall/start_frame.asp). and that program did not find any virus on that drive... so i really don't know where the virus from...


OSNN Junior Addict
This is getting really irritating. I have removed the virus with the remover i got from Kr0m, thanks, but i just keep getting it again. And that is really wierd because the program searches for the virus on all my drives and i have also applied the patch from microsoft. (I believe its an worm that uses similar tactics as blaster did)

What can have i missed?
Is your computer part of any sort of a network? Did you remember to disable system restore if you are using WinXp? Are there any websites you've visited before each of the worm infestations? Have you used any sort of file sharing systems(p2p, bit torrents, etc)? Basically what have you done prior to each infestation that's the same across the boards?
quick question, did you turn off system restore? Never mind I just saw the same question asked.(Ferral Imp) But still don't see an answer. It's important or from my experience it will do exactly what its doing to you. It keeps restoring itself every time you reboot. frogg_mann
run adware and spybot and then virus scanner if the virus is still there use the remover tool if that doesn't work..format and right after u install windows make sure the first thing u put in is antivirus and firewall and hopefully u don't get it again..:)


OSNN Senior Addict
Have a look at the "Virus cleaner" from Avast.com which contains a cleaner for all recent viruses in 1 package for newcomers ,and then dowload avast 4 for further protection. It intercepts emails via port
Symantec only provide individual fix tools for each virus separately.

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