A little speed problem!

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Tonya, Oct 20, 2002.

  1. Tonya

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    Hello, I have another problem. This one isn't that big of a one fortunately. My pc has worked really well since I got it back from HP. But for the last week or so, it has been loading very slow. If I click on a button, it pauses for a few seconds than the button clicks. I took everything out that I had put in recently, defraged, emptied cookies and temp files. I don't know what else I can do. There doesn't look like there is anything wrong with my system. (that I can find anyway) So... any ideas?
    Thanks, Tonya:confused:
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  3. damnyank

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    Hi Tonya - glad to hear you have been running smoothly since your HP repair (other than this "small - compared to your last" problem).

    If the virus scan comes up clean - perhaps a restore to the point before you installed the items you removed might help you out!
  4. Octopus

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    programs running in the background might eat your memory..type msconfig and see.
  5. Tonya

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    I have done both the virus scan, and restore. I ended up restoring a couple weeks back and that didn't work. From what I can see, all my applications are running smoothly. I did just put in java, is that means anything.
    Tonya :confused:
  6. Tonya

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    I don't have a whole lot of apps running in the background. And I also have MEGA disk space. :confused:
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    Take another look in msconfig and see if there's anything you aren't familiar with. Something changed recently and more likely than not it's somthing starting with your system that's bogging you down.

    You also might want to download & run ad-aware (www.lavasoftusa.com) to rule out the possibility of spyware or adware.

    Last, you might want to run checkdisk to make sure there's nothing physically wrong (start - run - chkdsk c: /r)
  8. Tonya

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    You know guys, I must be getting pretty good at this computer stuff!! I've already done all the things you have been telling me! Hmm...Maybe I won't be computer illiterate forever after all! :D I have Lavasoft Ad-aware, and I did the disk check. I don't see anything weird running, but maybe I'm not seeing it. Here's what it says I'm running: hpsysdrv,KBD,RECGUARD,RUNDLL32,igfxtray,hkcmd,ps2,avgcc32,

  9. allan

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    I have no clue what half that stuff is. Here's what I'd do:

    MSCONFIG has a selective startup option. I'd use that to disable everything and reboot. If everything works normally after the boot I'd then start adding items back one at a time until the problem recurs. That will identify the culprit.
  10. Tonya

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    Ok, I tried that, no difference. Please keep coming with the ideas. I know it's nothing serious, but it's irritating as all get out.
    Thanks, Tonya :D
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    If you tried a selective startup and the problem is still there then I'd look at hardware and drivers. You've just eliminated software.
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    Don't bother trying to fix it... It is a problem inherent to some HP systems and is due to a conflict. I have an HP myself, and have brought it in twice already due to:
    -a crashed HD (actually, its sitting waiting for a rapid exchange which is going to take 3 crazy long weeks!)
    -non functioning cd burners
    -non functioning sound card
    -constant reboots
    -and oh yes, your problem, the stuttering... which is really annoying!

    I have been through tech support SEVERAL times, and they said there was no solution that they knew of...

    Do a search at their forum (I spent too many hours there) and you'll see the exact problem. No solution, except to avoid HP/Compaq computers...

    PS: your specific prob is not due to a virus, spyware, fragmentation, startups, etc...
  13. Tonya

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    Hey!! Thanks! Those are the same problems I have had!! It's great to know the reason! But your telling me I just have to live with it huh? There's nothing I can do?
    Tonya :mad:
  14. Hipster Doofus

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    How fast is your cpu? How much ram? When does it do this? At startup, just after or some time later?
  15. XP needs lots or memory.
    Try Microsoft Bootvis..........Works great on my Machine.
  16. Tonya

    Tonya Guest

    It starts out that way. It will get worse the longer I have it on. Sometimes if I do a restart it will come back a little faster, but it doesn't last very long.
  17. jw50

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    Another possibility is a heat problem. I had a similar problem with my wifes computer. I went to PCPITSTOP and ran a full system check and everything came up ok except for extremely poor hard drive performance. I figured it was the hard drive going bad and when I opened the case to get the hard drive info to do an RMA on it I noticed that the drive was very hot. I added two case fans (the case had no fans before) and it is running fine again.

    It doesn't take very long to run the system check at www.pcpitstop.com and it might help you figure out what your problem is.
  18. Tonya

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    Hi! I already did the pitstop tests. It came up with the same thing it usually does, that I need more memory. But it has been saying that every time I run the tests, for the last 6 months. And I haven't had this problem that long so I'm assuming that isn't it. Thanks for the advise, every time I run into a problem that's the first place I go! Tonya :)
  19. Bootsy

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    I have your solution. Open up the computer and locate the hard drive. Take it out of the computer carefully. Place it on the floor and take a baseball bat to it. If that doesnt work, repeat the preceding with the Motherboard, ram sticks, ultimately the monitor (for fun)

    really tho, it might be a faulty memory stick, try changing the stick into another slot.
  20. siq604

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    Tonya: Unfortunately, it seems like you have the same system/model as me... and i'll be on my THIRD system w/o any support from HP... they do not keep parts on hand, and always do rapid exchanges (give you a refurbished model 3weeks later)... Each system has had the same problems, so unless there is a secret fix, then you're outta luck...

    I read on their support board about a program called "delay" or sumtin. Supposedly, things load TOO fast, and cause problems, so the "delay" program slows down the loading...

    And yeah, the longer you leave it on, the worse the stuttering rite? Really annoying when you have finish up a paper, or do sumtin really critical.

    All I can suggest is that you reboot often.