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A little help with PerfectDisk please?

Well, did a search on what people recommended and from what I've read, most of those here prefer PerfectDisk. Well, I downloaded an evaluation copy, and for some strange reason, it doesn't see any of my harddrives.

According to the FAQ, supposedly, I should have a read permission set on my security tabs, under disk management. Well, (after a long process of trying to find that security tab that was missing for me) I realized that from what I can tell, I have all permissions (this account is an administrator account).

Exhausting that route, is there anything else I should look for? One more thing, some obscure page (can't remember where it was now) mentioned something about StyleXP causing a problem. While I don't have Style XP, I remember installing a file that let me use different themes without having to use Style XP itself. (I think?) Would that have any cause there?

Never mind:
Ended up calling them for Tech Support (Incidentally, they're rather pleasant to talk to) and was told to go to Start/Run and type in "regsvr32 ole32.dll" and it worked. Not exactly sure what happened there, but I'm not going to complain for now
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