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Blame me for the RAZR's
today i noticed my cpu was running at 62 C so i cleaned out my cpu heatsink and repalied artic silver 5. and my cpu temp has dropped now too 48C

hehe a 25 degree F diffrence :)

plus i cleaned up my comp and added some split lum. :)
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The temp drop came from the cleaning and reseating the HS. Dont think that the AS5 gave you that big drop in temps. It may have helped it by 1-2° but thats about it.


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hey...i didnt notice your case earlier but is your case the black x-pider case? I have the same one if u do. I broke the door on mine tho :(. I also lost the keys for it but my dad has the other set at his house and me afraid to ask for it.


It makes good sense to at least every 3 months to give the inside and out a good clean up. As long as it is done correctly of course.

I made sure that all the ribbons were twisted, all the dust was removed and an extra exhaust was added just the other day.

My PC feels very cold still and with a little bios changing can get 15% more speed out of my processor. I got the speed of 1.75 from 1.5 without frying the chip!


Blame me for the RAZR's
nice lee. i think i will try overclocking a little bit but wait a few months.. in houston the hottest months are coming up.. hehe

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