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a kazaalite question

here lately...whenever I download an mp3 from kazaa...it starts playing fine and then it just "freaks" out...are these the bad files RIAA is putting out there?
Go buy the CD and rip it yourself... Here's a great program to do just that...


Let's just keep this in mind. The cost of CDs has not grown with inflation, as has everything else. About 5 years ago you didn't really hear people complaining about the costs. If you aren't willing to spend $15-20 to listen to your favorite artists or watch a movie then you don't deserve to. This, of course, is just my opinion. If you are one of those people who thinks "Why pay $20 for a CD when I only like one song!?" then go to one of those sites that lets you download songs for $0.79-$0.99. There are quite a few now. I can't think of any off the top of my head. If you can't justify $1 to listen to a song as many times as you would like, then you deserve to be chased by the RIAA.

I know you all think rock stars get paid too much already, but did you know that they do not make much on CDs at all? It's all the touring that makes them rich. Do you think twice about paying to go see them in concert? Most people pay upwards of $30 to see a band in concert. They do not take anything away from that experience other than being there. 95% of artists do not allow you to tape their performances so you are stuck with the memory and that is it. Same when you go to a Football, Basketball, or Baseball game. Come on people... Don't you believe that our favorite artists should be supported? They are full of talent and they entertain us. Do you complain when you pay $8+ to see a movie in the theatre? You get nothing from that either. Then you go out and spend $20 on the movie when it comes out a year later. What about the $50 you pay for a PS2 or XBox game? Don't the programers deserve to be paid for their hard work? That goes for any software program.

OK... I'm done. I know I will probably get flamed over this one, but oh well...
holy cripes...I just asked a simple question...and I will have you know I do buy the cds...I will save the flaming for someone else...not gonna waste my time with ya...

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