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24 Jan 2002
This is slightly belated however I just spent the holidays with family and my sister wanted me to read something she wrote for a dear friend.

She's in the entertainments industry, has a firm that provides and trains animals. Often when you see an actor emoting with an exotic or domestic creature, (lion, monkey, dog cat or whatever), that exotic was trained by my sister, (for instance the monkey on friends came from my sister).

Her firm is Benays's birds and animals, her name is (of course), Benay

Her memory, her tribute below;

George Carlin was an Amazing man. I worked with him on his sitcom “The George Carlin Show” in the 1990’s. Not only was he sincerely funny he was sincerely caring. To everyone. It didn’t matter what your position was, he always made you feel like he cared about you. My dog was his side kick on the show. The one he would give his brilliant rants to. And “Miles” (the dogs name on the show) would intently listen. I remember one day when we were rehearsing, I brought in one of those silly remote controlled ‘flatulence’ machines. Miles was sitting on his stool, while George rehearsed his rant for the week. I had carefully placed the device under the dog. As George was gaining momentum, a little “frrrph” came from Miles. George stopped mid sentence and gave one of his half head cocks and looked at me in disbelief. “Wow, that was articulate” George laughed. As he proceeded with his routine, Miles proceeded to have his own dialog, some small some momentous. George was in tears he laughed so hard. And when he found out I had played this practical joke on him, he went quiet for a moment, and I thought “Oh no, maybe I went too far”. I couldn’t have been further from the truth, as he erupted in laughter.

It was a hard year for me when I worked on the show. Many failed IVF attempts at getting pregnant, and finally a terrible miscarriage. George was the most compassionate person. He told me some of his private stories, and then he presented me with a box. In it, he told me was my answer. In this box was my miracle. He told me that he and his beautiful wife Brenda had talked about my many a failed attempt and decided to give me this gift. I was touched. It was such a tender moment. I opened the box excitedly and held my breath as I pulled away the cotton overlay and there it was. A Necklace. Of penises. Not one penis, but an entire necklace of them. I was in shock. And as I looked up to him in disbelief, he told me the story about how he and Brenda had also tried so hard to conceive. And how he had gotten this fertility necklace from an African tribe, and that it was very potent, because he proudly wore it for a while, and then had Brenda wear it. And that very month, Brenda became pregnant with their daughter Kelly. George told me what a miracle Kelly was for them, and what a gift she was, and he hoped that this necklace would give me the same miracle and gift. And it did. The very first time I wore it, I became pregnant with twins. I remember racing to the stage when I got word that I was pregnant. I ran in, and shouted to him “George, it WORKED!!” “George you got me pregnant!!!” Silence. In my deliriously happy state, I left out the word Necklace. Your NECKLACE got me pregnant. When I realized what I said, and how it looked, I immediately showed him the necklace, which I had not taken off since the moment he gave it to me. In an instant he was there, and I felt the joy that was so purely from his heart.

I have had that necklace for 14 years. I used it once again for the same procedure that gave us our twin daughters, and we miraculously were blessed with a son. Three of my friends have used this necklace. Two have twins, and the other has a beautiful daughter. The magic is there. I will forever be thankful to George and Brenda. And the laughter that I get from my children will be a kind of tribute to this wonderful man.


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