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a good video card, not too $$$


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Like after shipping $60. Its goin with the new MB. Im not sure what to look for, i have an ati, but its pci and im not sure if i like it much! IF you tell me what to look for, ill check them out my self. I was lookin at the nvidia 6200..but im not too sure!


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Re: a good agp card not too $$$

AGP is a dead technology. You should be using PCI-E. AGP cards are getting more expensive because they are not really being produced anymore.

EDIT: and you are not going to find a decent video card at all for $60
Re: a good agp card not too $$$

You probably don't want to go for a used card but at that price...

Used 6600GT or a 9800 PRO. These wre both decent, reliable cards that I would be comfortable buying used. The only thing you might have trouble iwth is the fans, but they can be replaced.
Re: a good agp card not too $$$

sorry failurbydesign, I didn't catch the link first time around. I'll second the 9800 recommendation, even though video cards and games aren't quite my thing.
Re: a good agp card not too $$$

The tiny little bearings in the tiny little high speed fans have a limited life. Sometimes you get lucky and they last for 3-5 years sometimes they die in a year.

People who leave their computers on 24/7 to fold, etc. wear their fans out faster since they run at least 3x longer each day. Dusty environments can wear fans faster too.

PS You did know that the PCI-e 1x won't work with a video card right? The board is fine for APG.


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Re: a good agp card not too $$$

LeeJend its ok you missed the link..i forgive you... :)

Yea i got the geforce 5500, ill see how that is, if i dont like it, ill check out that 9800...thnaks for all the help my fellow ossners (is that the correct way to say it?)!

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