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A good photo program



I am about to get myself a photo program... something I can use to fix, edit and work with my digital shots, and scanning.

Nothing too fancy.. just basic, but good, that does not flush my bank account :rolleyes:

Any good ideas?......


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Try Adobe's Photoshop Elements 2.0. It's nowhere near as functional as the full-blown Photoshop 7, but it's a fraction of the cost ($99 US) and pretty good for basic editing. You can download the trial version from adobe.com to see if it suits your needs. Also take a look at Photoshop Album. It has very basic editing tools but it's a neat little app (~$50 US).

I'm an adobe freak but...

Also check out Photoimpact at ulead.com (trial download available). It's a powerful package, something I started out with when I first became interested in graphic design --and still dabble with on occasion. It sells for about $85 US. In terms of power/functionality, I'd rate it 3 steps below Photoshop. It has many of Photoshop's tools and features (including layering) but lacks 3rd party plugin/filter support and file type support is more limited than the high-end titles.


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I agree with Lighter. Photoshop Elements is excellent for digital photo editing. It should do everything you want.

Elroy Jetson

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i use paintshop pro from JASC . it works like a charm for me, and is around the $100 mark, i think. you can also get a trial version from the web site.

ACDSee is also a good program, but mainly for viewing photos. to me, it is like a photo album software. get it from ACDSystems get a trial, and full version for only $50.

Cheers, EJ


I use and love adobe photoshop elements, it came free with my "onetouch 8920" scanner. I've seen it for sale for prices from around $40, to about $80. Shop around a bit.

Another goody, that is absolutely free, is xnview, from;


It handles more image types, than I ever knew existed, as well as playing a few media types.


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Not sure if you're interested in a program to organize your pics, but Adobe Photoshop Album is also something you might consider. It's a newer application from Adobe, and aside from managing and archiving your pictures, it borrows some good editing features from Photoshop, such as: red-eye removal, cropping, resizing, and some other effects. I think it's only around $50 too, so not a bad deal for all that.
jeez... seems adobe are going to release more photoshop versions than microsoft have done of windows xp!

for a cheap graphics package, I would recommend photoshop elements (like everyone else) or paint shop pro. Alternatively, theres always the trusty "Microsoft Paint" :p


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Just another Photoshop recommendation here. I've used Ulead PhotoImpact for years and always thought Photoshop a little deep and difficult until a friend of mine started to guide me through some of the wonders of this fantastic program. PhotoImpact is still much easier but Photoshop is the absolute mutt's 'nads.


If you're looking for open source, try "Gimp" for windows.


The learning curve is a bit steep, even more than the offerings from adobe, but the capabilities are pretty incredible.

I find the interface pretty similar to "photoshop elements", with palettes, and such. You can make custom scripts, and brushes, also.

I think, but am not certain, there are several online community sites dedicated to this app.

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