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A good company

Bytes Back

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Those of you who have read some of my posts may have the impression that I hate every hardware company in the UK :rolleyes:

However I have cause to redress the balance :D

I've got one of those Olitec Smart memory 56 modems, clever modem this, it takes messages,faxes etc all with the computer turned off. You then have four choices to listen to your messages. press the play button,Dowload them to your PC, listen to them from another phone or use the remote control. I hate the software so There are only 2 ways to delete them. using the remote control or remotely.

This is where the problem lies, the remote control died :mad:

The modem is now 4 months out of guarentee. I emailed Olitec to see if they would sell me another remote control. No, they wouldn't until I've had the Free replacement. ( next one is 14.95 ) The new one arrived this morning.

So hats off to Olitec for providing customer service !! :D


I'm sorry Hal...
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Sweet deal!

when you said "No" they wouldn't sell you one, i thought It was going to be another negative post! :)

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Good grief Charlie Brown
When your free replacement has to be replaced with a paid replacement because the replacement that it replaced needed replacing with the replacement. :D

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