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I was trying to play a game with one of my friends but I noticed one thing...
He is VERY limited on what games he can connect with on his network.

As far as I know, he connects with his neighbor's system. I was thinking if his neighbor gave his computer IP DMZ mode, he'd be able to host and connect to servers easier. Would this work?

As of right now, he can almost never connect to me depending on the game, and he can't host servers because I can never connect to him (even when he had dial-up).

Yes it would probably make it possible for him to host.

BUT! It also means he loses all protection from the router, so he will have to run his own firewall. The firewall needs to be configured to let through the ports the games use. If any of you are allready running software firewalls, this is likely to be the problem.


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i second zedric's comment.
it would be better to open the ports on the router's firewall then to go in the DMZ, unless you have a software firewall.

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I third zedric's comment. Altho DMZ is easier to use it will completely expose the PC to the internet.

An easy solution is to get someone else to host, someone that can configure there firewall/router with port forwarding.

Also, has the neighbour changed the router's default password, if not you could setup port forwarding yourself.

*Unless he has permission to use there wireless, I dont really support this setup.

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