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A Free AnyDVD?


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there are a few things that I use to get these done.

The first is dvd fab decrypter. It's regularly updated and has not missed one dvd for me. but to compress I use dvd shrink because it does great quality after ripping with dvd fab. http://www.dvdfab.com/free.htm

the other is ripit4me. This works with dvd decrypter (the older Lightning UK program, not the one I just posted) and dvd shrink. Since Dvd Decrypter and dvd shrink can no longer work to bypass any type of newer protections ripit4me helps with that. http://www.videohelp.com/tools?tool=RipIt4Me
*main ripit4me site seems to be down.

Both programs get great ratings at videohelp.com and have not kept me from making any backups...

if you need any extra help PM me because there are different ways to do things. Like dvd fab decrypter to dvd shrink since the first program rips and removes protections. or Ripit4me which does all at once but uses multiple programs inside it. also there is a way to tell dvdshrink to use imgburn to burn the iso after compressing.

All in all there is a free way to do the same thing as anydvd.


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That's alot of options, I have DVD Shrink and like it, so what is the #1 program I can use with it?


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this to me will give you best quality and ease of use.
dvd fab decrypter ^^link above to rip and then dvd shrink to encode and compress...also if you are running nero and want an option other than that look here to use imgburn with dvd shrink.


sorry nothing to do everything at once...but it's free and gives great quality.


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basically 3 programs that will rip movies, getting past the latest copy protection and producing the most compliant titlesets.

Ripit4Me, freeware. seems to have shut down a few days ago, april 1st infact (it wasn't a joke), and nobody knows what happened to it. it has more or less disappeared off the internet in the space of 24 hours (any link you find is unlikely be the latest version).

the second is dvdfab decrypter, it is freeware also.

the third is anydvd which is commercial.

they are all good rippers, but that is from best to worst, in that order. you can then use dvd shrink to transcode to a dvd5, or dvd rebuilder to encode to dvd5 (better quality, but more time, depending on encoder) or imgburn to burn dual layer.

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