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A Font Favour


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I recently needed to go back to an old design for a client.

Turns out it needs a font I don't have anymore, not sure why not but I don't. I have tried finding it on google for free, no dice, and I don't feel like paying 35+ again for one font.

I was wondering if anybody has it, or knows where I can get it.

Souvenir Light (pc)


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Nope, its about a 2 or so year old font and design file. I don't even know where I got it from. Obviously I do not ask this normally since it's not professional, but fonts are expensive, and for something I am making a tiny change I'd rather not spend the money. I might ask some design partners as well, see if they have it.


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Another favor maybe? This one might be more tricky..

I need the font WTF Carnegie and I can't seem to find it. Yes I found it for $91 but for that price and that font, I am not paying. Now I remember I had a WTF font before in my collection, but can't find it either.

So I ask again, does anyone have this font they would like to share? Please & Thanks.

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