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A few stupid problems


"Anything for $50!"
Okay, first off I have an Intellimopuse Optical I bought specifically so I could use the two buttons on the side to go back and foreward on web pages. Now with the brand new drivers I got from the Windows Update site, the buttons stopped working. Without rolling back drivers or installing Intellimouse software, any ideas?
Secondly, I'm trying to share an internet connection on a cable modem that runs off either USB or LAN. Runs fine off LAN, but I can't share as we only have a hub and one net card each. I tried plugging the USB into my comp since I have XP and he only has 2K, but neither of us can get on the net then. (Yes, I have the latest drivers) I should be able to share it, but that's hard to do since I can't get on the net myself with it. The modem's a Terayon TJ210.
Third, my friend was trying to make a backup copy of his C & C Renegade game and it didn't work. Now whenever he installs it from the disc, it stops at 43% and won't go any more. He thinks that by trying to copy it, it burned a hole in his disc. I told him he was an idiot and that drives can't do that.

This is also coming from the guy who said that Windows XP was the first OS with a kernel. Is it even possible to HAVE an OS without a kernel??!


Boy... this is gonna be fun....

ALL Operating systems have a KERNAL, from windows 3.1 to Linux this is the part that makes em GO.... Although DOS didn't have a KERNAL.. but then again it was DOS...

To share a cable modem connection you may have to sign up for a second IP Address for the second computer , Usually runs a few more bucks a month , Mine charges $5.00 per Computer I add, I run 4 on the web off a hub.. the other part is that make sure the cable that you need to go to a hub is NOT a crossover cable to your modem.. from a PC it Should be if it's not going through a hub.... In other words... Computer to Modem=Crossover Cable, Computer to hub to modem= NO CROSS OVERS

Hope this helps


"Anything for $50!"

No, didn't help much. I knew that you couldn't have an OS with a GUI without a kernel. That wasn't my question, more of a side "Haha, isn't that funny" item. I also knew about the second IP purchasing. Problem is, I don't want to do it. I'm not there for the whole month.
Is there a way using what I have to do it?
Any answers for my real questions?

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