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a few quick questions.



on xp pro are there any security things i should be aware of? and does it eat my bandwidth?

also before i install it will it pick up my hardware drivers? otherwise im gonna take it back cause i own a P.o.S. HP and i dont know if it will crap out more that it has
Xp Pro supports NTFS security and Encrypting File System. It should pick up most of your hardware if it is supported (check the microsoft HCL on their website if you wanna be sure) and no it will not eat your bandwidth all that QOS stuff is complete BS and if you buy into it you can turn it off anyway :)


The Analog Kid
Be very wary of installing XP on an HP machine. I did about a month ago and I've had nothing but problems. example: You will not find a driver that works correctly with your Keyboard. The best I can find is their generic KB driver. If you have an HP video card with TV, good luck finding a driver that works. I'd urge you to really think about what you want to do. Also, I wouldn't do it if your machine is still under warranty. HP service will insist that everything you did is very, very bad. Tell me what you have, and I might be able to help you out, I''ve been digging into this for a long time now...


na. i havent had any problems. all my drivers were found except for the keyboard one and all i really need is the volume buttona and that works. i replaced the video card awhile ago with a voodoo 5 and got the drivers for that.

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