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A few Firefox3 questions


Overclocked Like A Mother
Hi all,

1- How can I make firefox3 open fully maximized all the time?

2- Firefox3 crashes when I either watch youtube, or there is too much going on. It just shuts down.

3- Firefox3 just chugs when scrolling, it is not smooth, not too bad on forums pages, but worse on other pages.

4- Which plugin do I need for firefox3 to watch movie trailers in mov?

This is for my OpenSuse11/KDE3.5 Desktop




Carbon based lifeform
Political User
Firefox for me was really unstable on the kde 3.5 desktop, but it is much more stable on kde 4. That being said I have since discarded it altogether and run Opera, and have had neither the stability problems or the crashes.

I believe you need the totem plugin for mozilla to get mov. trailers, you could just add win32 codec/all from yast and that should take care of most of the problems.


Overclocked Like A Mother
Opera, hmmmmm Thanks

Never thought of trying another browser all together,

I do have the w32 codec package, but I do not haveany of those plugins,



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