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"A" Drive Problems


Strider Hiryu

Ok, I haven't used my A drive in a very long time, but I today after trying to open up a disk, I got this error - " A:\ is not accessible. No ID mark was found on the floppy disk."

I remember long ago when I was running winME, I also got the same type of error message. I don't think it could be a bad drive, the computer is not even 2 years old yet, everything else still works fine. Is there anyway to fix this? My wife has just started a class, and needs to save things through the A drive. Any help would be appreciated.
check to make sure the connections in the back are connected tight, but floppy drives ain't worth working on, just but a new one, if it doesn't work.

Less than 10 bucks most places

Check if the drive cable is plugged in nicely, in the motherboard, and in the floppy drive itself. Make sure power is also plugged nicely. Floppy drives aren't really quality hardware, and are not worth working on. Get a new one, it's cheap. I'v seen them on sale for 8 bucks new at local store :)


hardware monkey
yeah, i've never seen the "no id mark" error. something tells me it's not the cable. could be the drive, i suppose. you have tried other disks, right?

Strider Hiryu

Yeah, I've tried several disks, all give the same error. I guess I can try to check the cable connections, but I'm kinda worried about tinkering within the tower itself, heh.

But knowing that these drives aren't that expensive makes me feel alot better if it does turn up a dud. Thanks for all your helps guys! :)
Sure thing. And don't worry, there isn't much to tinker with in the tower, just get a new floppy, take out the old one, and plug the existing cable into the new drive, connect the power, and you're set. No worries here, we aren't doing mobo transplants :). Hope all goes well Strider.


Floppy disc problem

Have had this problem many times, especially moving a floppy from one computer to another.
Try to format floppy by "quick format" and then paste file back in from desktop etc.
Should work, otherwise drive faulty but unlikely


A 12 speed CD re-writer is more than enough to replace the old A:/ floppy's:)

the floppy drive aint worth the trouble anymore.

Shamus MacNoob

Political User

I had trouble moving a floppy from one puter to another also was just a question of the cables being placed right, never seen that error before though , seen equipment configuration error, messing with the tower aint no big deal just look at it carefully first , make a mental image or even write stuff down ( not kidding) we all start somewhere, see if the cables are nice and tight , maybe unplug it and hook it up again.

ps: I am in favor of keeping floppy's alive, I have cdr-rw but somethings need that good old floppy !!!

Strider Hiryu

yeah, I guess I'll work up to courage to bust open the tower and take a look around. True, I can use some cd-rw's, but I also have ton of floppies, hehe.

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