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A.D. - Pros and Cons?


Debiant by way of Ubuntu
For some reason I found myself looking over the September screenshots - and in the middle there was a little OT exchange regarding Active Desktops.

Personally I got quite upset when these were "invented" because to me it was all part of being forced towards IE which I still regard as a slow, buggy, proprietary browser - Mozaic was good once and Newt Scraper is still out there - can they be part of an A.D. environment? Not so integrated I am sure...

Anyway I look forward to reading peoples opinions - my bet is that if you are someone who actually enjoys "fiddling" with your desktop to customize it's functionality then they are for you, otherwise maybe not. But perhaps I'll learn otherwise...


Debiant by way of Ubuntu
4 got to add poll!

doh! I just clicked and realised I did not include a poll! Is there any way I can do that now the thread is open? Perhaps a kindly mod will come to my aid? :eek:

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